The 10 Most Stunning Sights To See In Indiana


Sure you can find natural beauty in Indiana.

But our state also has some seriously stunning manmade sights from towering skyscrapers to awe-inspiring bridges.

Here are 10 of the most stunning sights to see in Indiana.


The Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Indianapolis

This monument erected in 1902 is one of the most iconic landmarks in the state.

It stands 284 feet tall making it the tallest obelisk in the world outside of Egypt.

The monument is dedicated to the Indiana men and women who served in the Revolutionary War the War of 1812 the Mexican-American War the Civil War and the Spanish-American War.


The Statehouse in Indianapolis

This beautiful neoclassical building has been the seat of Indiana’s government since 1888.

It’s located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis and is surrounded by other stunning buildings like the Soldiers and Sailors Monument the Indiana World War Memorial and the Indiana State Museum.


The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis

This museum is dedicated to the art history and cultures of the American West and the Native American tribes of the Great Plains.

It’s home to an impressive collection of paintings sculptures pottery and more.

The museum also has a beautiful garden with native plants and a stunning view of the Downtown Canal.


The University of Notre Dame in South Bend

This world-renowned university is home to some of the most beautiful collegiate architecture in the country.

The main campus covers 1250 acres and includes buildings designed by some of the biggest names in architecture like Eero Saarinen and Duncan Stroik.

Notre Dame is also known for its stunning golden dome which is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Indiana.


The Indiana Dunes

The Indiana Dunes are a 15000-acre expanse of dunes wetlands prairies and forests along the shores of Lake Michigan.

This stunning natural area is home to more than 300 species of birds 50 species of mammals and 20 species of reptiles and amphibians.

The Dunes are also a popular spot for hiking biking and picnicking.


The Cathedral of Saint James in South Bend

This Gothic Revival cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend.

It’s located on the campus of the University of Notre Dame and is the largest Catholic church in Indiana.

The cathedral is home to beautiful works of art like the stained glass windows and the marble altar.


The Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis

The Indiana State Fairgrounds are home to the annual Indiana State Fair one of the largest and most popular events in the state.

The fairgrounds include more than 200 acres of land with buildings gardens and walkways.

The fairgrounds are also home to the Indiana State Fair Museum which has exhibits on the history of the fair and the state of Indiana.


The Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the world’s largest sporting facility and the home of the Indianapolis 500 one of the most prestigious auto races in the world.

The Speedway includes a 2.5-mile oval track and seating for more than 250000 people.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is also home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum which has exhibits on the history of auto racing.


The John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis

The John Herron Art Institute is an art school affiliated with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

The school is located in a historic building in the Herron-Morton Place neighborhood of Indianapolis.

The Institute is home to an art gallery a library and classrooms.


The Indianapolis Museum of Art

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is one of the largest and most comprehensive art museums in the United States.

The museum’s collection includes more than 54000 works of art ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary paintings.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is also home to a sculpture garden a nature preserve and an amphitheater.