10 Tips For When Traveling Behind Large Trucks


When you’re driving on the highway you’re likely to see a lot of large trucks.

And while they may seem intimidating there’s no need to be afraid of them.

In fact following a few simple tips can help you stay safe when driving behind a big rig.

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when traveling behind a large truck:

  1. Leave plenty of space.

    When driving behind a truck it’s important to give yourself plenty of space.

    Remember trucks need a longer distance to stop so it’s important to give them plenty of room.
  2. Pass with caution.

    If you need to pass a truck do so with caution.

    Make sure you have plenty of room and wait until you can see the entire truck in your rearview mirror before you move into the passing lane.
  3. Don’t cut off a truck.

    Cutting off a truck is a surefire way to anger the driver and put yourself in danger.

    If you need to change lanes in front of a truck make sure you signal early and give the driver plenty of time to adjust.
  4. Be aware of blind spots.

    All vehicles have blind spots but trucks have larger ones.

    When driving behind a truck be aware of its blind spots and avoid driving in them.
  5. Use your headlights.

    When driving at night or in poor visibility make sure you use your headlights.

    This will help the truck driver see you and avoid an accident.
  6. Don’t tailgate.

    Tailgating is dangerous no matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving but it’s especially dangerous when behind a large truck.

    If you can’t see the truck’s mirrors the driver can’t see you.

    So give yourself plenty of the following distance.
  7. Be patient.

    When a truck is trying to merge into traffic or make a turn be patient.

    Don’t try to speed around the truck or cut it off.
  8. Don’t make sudden moves.

    Sudden moves can startle a truck driver and cause an accident.

    If you need to change lanes or pass do so gradually and with plenty of notice.
  9. Don’t honk.

    Honking your horn is generally rude but it’s also dangerous when driving behind a truck.

    If the truck driver can’t see you they may not know you’re there and could accidentally back into you.
  10. Drive defensively.

    The best way to stay safe when driving behind a truck is to drive defensively.

    Pay attention to the road and be aware of what the truck is doing.

    If you see the truck starting to change lanes slow down and give it plenty of room.

By following these tips you can stay safe when driving behind a large truck.

Just remember to give yourself plenty of space and be aware of the truck’s blind spots.

If you do you’ll be sure to avoid any accidents.

When Driving Or Stopping Behind A Large Truck What Should You Do?

When you’re driving behind a large truck there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First remember that trucks have large blind spots.

If you can’t see the truck driver in his/her mirror chances are the truck driver can’t see you.

So use caution when passing or changing lanes in front of a truck.

Secondly give trucks plenty of space.

Trucks need more time and space to stop than cars do.

And because of their size they tend to swing out a bit when they turn.

So give them plenty of room to maneuver.

Finally be patient.

Truck drivers are professionals and they know what they’re doing.

Just be patient and give them the space they need and you’ll be fine.