What’s The Worst Time To Visit Japan?


The worst time to visit Japan is during the rainy season which runs from early June to late July.

The rains can be heavy and persistent making sightseeing and outdoor activities difficult.

The weather can also be extremely humid making it uncomfortable to be outside for long periods of time.

If you must travel to Japan during the rainy season be sure to pack a raincoat and an umbrella!

Why Is Rainy Season The Worst Time To Visit Japan?

Rainy season in Japan is the worst time to visit for a number of reasons.

For one the weather is incredibly unpredictable during this time of year.

You never know when a downpour is going to start making it difficult to plan outdoor activities.

Plus the humidity can be incredibly oppressive making it feel much hotter than it actually is.

Another downside to visiting Japan during rainy season is that the country is prone to flooding.

This means that you may have to deal with road closures train delays and other transportation disruptions.

And of course there is the risk of actually getting caught in a flood.

Finally rainy season is also peak mosquito season in Japan.

These pesky insects are not only annoying but they can also carry diseases like Zika virus and dengue fever.

So if you’re planning a trip to Japan it’s best to avoid the rainy season altogether.

Precautions To Take When Visiting Japan During Rainy Season

The rainy season in Japan can be a beautiful time of year.

The rain can create stunning scenery and the weather can be perfect for exploring the outdoors.

However there are also some precautions you should take when visiting Japan during rainy season.

Here are a few tips:


Bring An Umbrella!

This may seem like an obvious one but it’s important to remember that the rain can come down hard and fast during rainy season.

Having an umbrella will help you stay dry and comfortable.


Wear Appropriate Clothing.

Again this may seem like a no-brainer but it’s important to dress for the weather.

Wear shoes that are comfortable and won’t slip and clothes that will protect you from the elements.


Be Prepared For Wet Conditions.

When exploring Japan during rainy season be prepared for wet conditions.

This means having a plan for what you’ll do if it rains such as finding indoor activities or places to take shelter.


Be Aware Of Potential Hazards.

Flooding and landslides are common during rainy season so be sure to stay aware of potential hazards.

If you’re planning on hiking or doing any other activities in areas that are prone to these hazards be sure to check conditions beforehand and be prepared for an emergency.


Enjoy The Rain!

Despite the precautions you should take don’t forget to enjoy the rain.

It can be a beautiful and refreshing time of year.

Embrace the rain and enjoy all that Japan has to offer during this time of year.

How To Visit Japan During Rainy Season – The Worst Time To Visit?

Japan is a country that is known for its beautiful cherry blossoms in springtime.

However the rainy season in Japan can be a tough time to visit.

The rainy season usually lasts from June to July and during this time the country can be plagued with heavy rains and humid weather.

This can make sightseeing and outdoor activities quite difficult.

However there are still plenty of things to do in Japan during the rainy season.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your trip during this time.


Plan Your Trip Around Indoor Activities:

Since the weather can be quite unpredictable during the rainy season it’s a good idea to plan your trip around activities that can be done indoors.

This way you can still enjoy your time in Japan even if the weather isn’t cooperating.

Some great indoor activities to consider are visiting museums shopping and checking out some of the country’s many onsens (hot springs).


Bring The Right Gear:

Be sure to pack some rain gear to help you stay dry during your trip.

An umbrella is a must and you might also want to consider bringing a raincoat or poncho.

Wearing waterproof shoes will also help you stay comfortable and dry.


Embrace The Rain:

One of the best things about the rainy season in Japan is that it’s a great time to enjoy some of the country’s traditional foods.

Many of these dishes are designed to be enjoyed in the rain such as ramen and udon noodles.

So if you find yourself feeling a bit cooped up head out for a delicious bowl of noodles and enjoy the rain.


Avoid Popular Tourist Spots:

Since the weather can be quite unpredictable it’s best to avoid popular tourist spots during the rainy season.

These places are likely to be crowded and you might not be able to enjoy them as much as you would during other times of the year.

Instead try to visit some of the lesser-known spots that are off the beaten path.


Use Public Transportation:

One of the best ways to get around during the rainy season is to use public transportation.

This way you can avoid getting soaked while walking around.

The train and subway system in Japan is extensive and it’s a great way to get around the country without having to worry about the weather.

The rainy season in Japan can be a tough time to visit but there are still plenty of things to do.

By following these tips you can make the most of your trip and enjoy everything that Japan has to offer.